About bayonet mounting of fuel level sensors eurosens Dominator. What is it and why?

A characteristic difference between eurosens Dominator fuel level sensors and similar products from other manufacturers is the way the sensor is attached to the tank via an intermediate bayonet plate.

Conventional fuel level gauges are screwed directly to the fuel tank with self-tapping screws through a rubber gasket.

Mounting a conventional fuel level sensor using a flange
To mount the eurosens Dominator, a sturdy bayonet plate is attached to the tank via a gasket using self-tapping screws. Then an additional gasket is installed, the sensor itself is snapped into the bayonet plate and then sealed against removal.
Attachment of the eurosens Dominator through the plate

The bayonet mount is reusable and allows convenient maintenance of the installed sensor. The following issues may arise during the operation of fuel level sensors:

The gauge starts to show a full tank – most likely water has accumulated at the bottom of the tank, causing incorrect readings. To check this version, the sensor should be removed from the fuel tank and dipped in clean fuel.
The space between the sensor electrodes is clogged with dirt, including conductive dirt. The sensor must be removed from the tank for diagnosis and cleaning.
The sensor has failed or is defective – the sensor must be replaced.
We are not saying that such problems will necessarily occur with every installed sensor, but everyone who is involved in controlling fuel consumption on a regular basis is familiar with them.

In this case, any removal of the sensor of traditional design with a flange leads to a difficult choice – either to fix the sensor with self-tapping screws in the old holes with loss of tightness and rigidity of mounting or to drill new holes.

The results from repeatedly removing the fuel level sensors can be seen in the photo below.

With each removal, the tightness of the sensor installation deteriorates due to the increasing number of holes in the fuel tank.

When disassembling the eurosens Dominator, it is not necessary to remove the self-tapping screws securing the bayonet plate. Simply remove the seal, and snap the sensor out of the bayonet. After service work, the sensor is snapped into the bayonet and sealed.

Whether when installing fuel level sensors you should think about how to maintain them in the future or not is up to you 🙂


Leading car manufacturers have been using bayonet-mounted fuel level sensors for many years (SCANIA, Volvo, Man , IVECO, etc.)