About us

Mechatronics – is an innovative company that creates products and solutions in the field of transport telematics and process automation.

Production facilities of Mechatronics are located in Vileika. This small Belarusian city has been known since the times of the USSR as an engineering center.  Nowadays you can think that everything is produced in China, and then under the invented brand goes to the local market.  It’s not our way, in Vileyka we invent, develop and make a full production cycle – as this ensures product control at all stages of the process.

Our team offers engineering services of hardware and firmware/software development transforming your project  to a turn-key solution, including:

  • smart sensors and actuators, dataloggers and modern data transfer interfaces (MODBUS, CAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, NB IoT, LoRa, etc.) ;
  • automated test stands;
  • design of moulds, PCB and PCBA;
  • Web services ;
  • Mobile Apps (smartphones, tablets) and messengers (Telegram, Whatsapp bots).

Our factory is placed in Vileyka town in Belarus and equipped with CNC machines, 3D-printers and testing equipment. For CAD/PCB design we use modern engineering software. Our products have won some national awards.