Liquid level sensors

Eurosens liquid level sensors are widely used for remote fuel consumption monitoring and asset monitoring. The sensors continuously measure the level of fuel or other liquids.
The diversity of Eurosens level sensor models helps you find the best solution for your case.

Liquid level sensors eurosens

Eurosens Dominator

Capacitive modular level sensor. Analog/frequency, RS232/RS485, CAN versions.

Eurosens Dominator Bt

Autonomous modular capacitive level sensor with Bluetooth BLE interface.

Eurosens Dominator Mini

Modular Eurosens Dominator sensor with a minimum enclosure size.

Eurosens MWS

Universal radar level sensor for aggressive liquids, food and bulk products.

Eurosens Dizzi

Ultrasonic liquid level sensor for non-contact measurement.

Eurosens Dock

The converter used to improve the signal from an OEM sensor and turn it into RS485 output.

Eurosens Dash

Device for aligning the Eurosens Dominator fuel level sensor signal with the residual fuel indicator on the dashboard

Eurosens Cable

Cables for easy connection of Eurosens devices

Often used with these products:

Eurosens Display

Eurosens Tank Manager



Eurosens Dominator

Eurosens Dominator

Eurosens Dominator

Eurosens Dominator

Eurosens Dominator

Eurosens Dominator