Onboard weighing systems

Axle load and cargo weight measurement, onboard display and remote monitoring

Axle load sensors

Eurosens DSS

Universal high-precision axle load sensor for any vehicle type.

Eurosens DPS

Axle load sensor for vehicles with air spring suspension.

Eurosens DDS

Axle load sensor for vehicles with leaf spring suspension.

Wireless axle load sensors

Eurosens DDS Bt

Eurosens DDS wireless sensor for vehicles with spring suspension

Датчик нагрузки на ось для установки в пневмоподвеску

Датчик нагрузки на ось для автомобилей с рессорной подвеской

Additional equipment

Eurosens Display

Eurosens Difference T

Eurosens Cable



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On-board weighing systems eurosens

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