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Eurosens cables

Mechatronics offers standard and customized Eurosens cables to ensure reliable installation.

Possible options:

  • Customized cable length at the client’s request. Standard cables are 3, 7 or 12 meters.
  • Depending on the sensor type, there may be 3 or 7 wires in a cable.
  • Eurosens cable with two connectors on both ends for further cable extension.
  • Eurosens cables have 2 connector types: sockets or plugs.
  • Choose a corner or straight connector to simplify the installation.
  • Eurosens cables may go in a corrugated tube for extra protection.
  • Eurosens T-Cable for multiple sensor connection.
Cable 73FR-0-7-0 (Dominator АF/Direct PN /Delta PN) 1) At the client’s request, instead of a corner connector, the cable may have a straight connector type (F instead of FR). Cable price for a batch starting from 10 pieces doesn't change. Example: Order 73F-0-3-0 instead of 73FR-0-3-0.
Cable 74FR-0-7-0 (DES, DEGREE)
Cable 77FR-0-7-0 (Dominator RS)
Cable SWS 75FR-0-7-0 (Direct RS/Delta RS/Direct CAN/ Delta CAN/Dominator CAN)
Cable 77FR-0-3-0 (Display RS)
Cable 73FR-73M-7-0 (cable extension with AF, PN outputs)
Cable 75FR-75M-7-0 (cable extension with RS, CAN outputs)
Cable 77FR-77M-7-0 (Cable extensions with RS, CAN outputs)
NMEA cable Connects Eurosens sensors to NMEA2000 (1 meter long).
T-splitter NMEA 3-way T-connector to add sensors to NMEA 2000 network.
Cable 44FR-0-12-0 Connects a Basic DWU weighing unit to a GPS tracking device.
Cable 44FR-74M-7-0 Connects axle load sensors to a 7-pin T-cable.
Cable 44FR-44М-12-0 Connects the sensor to TD-Cable (SWS).
Cable 44FR-44М-3-0 Connects a sensor (DAWU) to TS-Cable (SWS).
Cable 77F-0-7-0 Connects T-Cable to the GPS tracker (SWS "Standard", BWS "Basic").
Cable 77F-0-3-0
Cable 77F-0-1-0 Connects TF-Cable to a monitoring unit (SWS "Standard").
Cable 7-7-3-SP Spiral cable for tractor-trailer connection (SWS "Standard").