Mounting Kits Description

Brochures and technical specifications.

Eurosens Direct flow meters

Flowmeters Direct PN I (with display)

Direct A I flow meters (self-contained meters)

Advantages of Eurosens flow sensors

Eurosen Direct PN Program Counter List (RS, CAN)

Description of modes for Eurosen Direct PN (RS, CAN) software counters

Eurosens Direct/Delta protocol (for RS versions)

MODBUS Eurosens Direct/Delta protocol (for RS versions)

Description of CAN messages (for CAN versions)

Flyer Eurosens Direct 1500/3000

Eurosens Passport Direct 3000

Eurosens Passport Direct 1500

Direct, Delta Certificates

Permit documentation.

Certificate of conformity TP TC 018/2011

Declaration of Conformity of TR TC 020/2011

E-mark certificate of compliance

Certificate of measuring instrument (Republic of Belarus)

Certificate of measuring instrument (Russian Federation)

Certificate of measuring instrument (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Certificate of the Russian River Register

Certificate of recognition of the organization by the Russian River Register

Direct, Delta Installation

Documentation for installers and developers

Direct flow meter installation guide, Delta

Eurosens Delta Service Guide

Eurosens flow meter accuracy verification manual

Installer Configurator

Eurosens Delta IGS format

Eurosens Delta STEP format