Fuel consumption control for high-power engines

A remote fuel consumption control is one of the most popular tasks for fleet management companies.

In most cases we can use either (eurosens Direct)or differential meter (eurosens Delta). But what about powerful engines?

Powerful engines (over 1,000 kW) are mainly used on river or sea ships, diesel gensets and big dump trucks. Ships may have one main engine and several auxiliary engines.

Mechatronics has designed a line of powerful fuel flowmeters Eurosens Direct 1500, 3000 and 5000 to perform fuel consumption control on high-power fuel consumers.

The standard installation kit includes two eurosens Direct flow meters (installed in a differential installation scheme), Eurosens cables and one eurosens Display for calculating fuel consumption and sending the results via RS485/CAN/NMEA2000 into GPS tracking system.