Data interfaces

Eurosens Difference T4

The 4-channel ADC, used as part of the Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system.

The Eurosens Difference T4 controller is a 4-channel analog-digital converter. Usually it is used as a part of eurosens Difference onboard weighing system.

  • Collects data from 1-4 sensors with analogue output.
  • Stores the calibration tables for all sensors. We can assign up to 3 tables for every sensor.
  • Calculates axle load and weight data based on  assigned calibration tables.
  • Sends the processed data via RS-485 interface by MODBUS or LLS protocol.


Power supply voltage, V: 10 – 60

Input signal range, V: 0 – 20

Operating temperature range, °C: -40 – +85

ADC resolution : 12 bit

Protection class: IP67

Output interface: RS485

Data release protocol: LLS, MODBUS RTU