Data interfaces

Eurosens InCAN

It is used for safe contactless connection to the CAN bus without breaking the insulation. Can be installed on cars and trucks of all categories. Compatible with all GPS trackers with CAN bus support.  

Contactless CAN bus reader eurosens InCAN ensures safe connection to the vehicle CAN bus.  Because of absense of direct wiring connection of GPS tracker and vehicle CAN bus nothing can disturb the traffic between vehicle modules. eurosens InCAN copies the CAN bus messages into internal CAN bus of GPS tracking system. 

The compact design of the eurosens InCAN reader allows easy connection.

InCAN contactless reader is compatible with all GPS trackers with  CAN interface. 

Note that eurosens InCAN doesnt analyze any CAN bus information. It should be done on GPS tracker side. eurosens InCAN provides only safe connection to the CAN bus.


Power supply voltage, V: 9 – 32
Maximum current consumption, mA: 50
Operating temperature range, °C: -40 – +85
Compatibility: SAE J1939, CAN Open, DeviceNet, NMEA 2000


Eurosens InCAN leaflet