Eurosens Deaerator

Eurosens Deaerator

Device for removing gas impurities from the diesel engine fuel line. The Eurosens Deaerator is designed for installation in the return fuel line in front of the Eurosens Delta metering chamber and is available in modifications for maximum fuel consumption up to 250, up to 500 and up to 1500 liters per hour.

A gas impurities in a fuel system negatively affect the accuracy of fuel consumption measurement. In some engines  return line contains gases visible in the form of small bubbles. To eliminate them, a deaerator is used.

Advantages of Eurosens Deaerator

  • Cleanliness
    The gases released by the deaerator are returning to the tank behind the deaerator and fuel meter. 
  • Small dimensions
  • Wide temperature range


Connection thread: М14х1,5

Maximum pressure, MPa : 2,5

Temperature range : -50 — +85

Weight, kg, max : 1,45

Maximum flow, l/h :

for Deaerator 250A : 250

for Deaerator 500A : 500

for Deaerator 1500A : 1500

Degree of protection : IP 66


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