Other telematic sensors

Eurosens Degree BT

Wireless tilt angle sensor Eurosens Degree BT determines the angular position of heavy machinery parts and mechanisms relative to the gravity vector.

The sensor is self-powered by a built-in ER14505 AA battery and uses a Bluetooth Low Energy connection for data transmission.

Besides angle measurement, Eurosens Degree BT checks direction and rotation frequency, as well as operation time.

These features are presented in 3 operation modes:
  • Angle inclination measurement.
  • Concrete mixer monitoring.
  • Manipulator boom monitoring


Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz

Power supply voltage: 3 … 3.7V

interface for exchanging data: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Receiver sensitivity /transmitter power: -96 dBm / +4 dBm

Communication Protocol: Advertising Packages

Slope measurement error: ±

Temperature measurement error : ±1°C

Number of Event Logger records : 900

ambient temperature: – 40 … + 85 С

Degree of protection of the shell: IP67

Dimensions, not more than, mm: 100 х 54 х 34

Weight, not more than kg: 0,3


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