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Eurosens Defender 24

Intrinsically safe barrier for sensor installation in explosive areas

The intrinsically safe barrier eurosens Defender 24 is used when we need to install Eurosens sensors in the explosive zone, for example, fuel level sensors in the fuel tanker compartments. The barrier ensures that the voltage and current supplied to the sensors is limited according to regulations. 

The barrier implements the type of explosion protection «i» – «intrinsically safe electric circuit», it provides explosion protection level «A» – «highly exposed», category IIB in accordance with GOST 31610.11-2014 and ExiaIIBT6 X  marking.

The barrier has 4 output channels for connecting 4 sensors.


Maximum output voltage Uo , V: 29

Maximum output current (short circuit) Io, I: 0,29

Maximum external capacitance Co, mF: 0,5

Maximum external inductance Lo, mG: 0,33


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