Fuel sensor controller

Eurosens Dash

Eurosens Dash controls the vehicle fuel level gauge on the dashboard base on Dominator / Dizzi signal. That means, you can install fuel level sensor eurosens Dominator instead of vehicle sensor without drilling a hole in the tank and control the dashboard using eurosens Dash.

  • eurosens Dash emulates two signals simultaneously: a fuel level signal from a resistive fuel sensor and a fuel alarm signal. 
  • It is adjustable for different vehicle dashboard models.
  • The configuration of eurosens Dash is performed by  RS485 interface.

There’s no need to drill a fuel tank to install eurosens Dominator (RS 485 or RS) instead of an OEM fuel sensor. Dominator can be installed in the existing hole and further connected to the dashboard via eurosens Dash. Accurate data readings you can get via RS485 interface of eurosens Dominator.


Power supply voltage, V: 9-32

Temperature range, °C: -40 — +85

Output interfaces: RS485

Digital Protocols: LLS

Current consumption: 40 mA


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