Liquid level sensor

Eurosens Dizzi

Ultrasonic level sensor Eurosens Dizzi is used for contactless level measurement of acoustically transparent liquids.Level measurement is done by external echolocation through the bottom of the tank.

  • Eurosens Dizzi can measure food liquids, explosive, aggressive and high-pressurized liquids (for e.g., liquifies gas).
  • No tank modification is required. All Dizzi components are placed outside the fuel tank or container.
  • Smart self-diagnostic algorithm provides stable data.


Supply voltage, V: 11-30

Tank bottom thickness, mm: 0 – 5

Resolution (at rest), mm: 0,1

Reverse polarity protection: Yes

Temperature range, °C: -40 — +85

Output interface: RS485

Digital Protocols: LLS, Modbus

IP protection class: IP 67


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