Onboard displays

Eurosens Display RS

The Eurosens Display RS displays information from Eurosens sensors or other compatible sensors via the RS485 and K-line interfaces. It can process data, summarize or subtract multiple sensors and transmit data to remote monitoring system via RS485 interface (MODBUS), RS232 – by request.

Features of using Eurosens Display RS:

  • We can connect up to 10 Eurosens fuel level /fuel flow sensors using K-Line connection.
  • Sensor calibration tables support.
  • Two buttons to list screens. 

7 different operating modes of Eurosens Display RS:

  • Fuel consumption indicator for pulse flow meter with adjustable input pulse price.
  • Aggregator of fuel consumption data for several Eurosens Delta or Direct sensors.
  • Vehicle axle load and cargo weight indicator.
  • Calculator of fuel consumption as difference of direct and return flow.
  • Eurosens Dominator calibration tool.
  • Fuel adder from Eurosens Dominator level sensors (up to 10 pcs).
  • Fuel level (volume) indicator when connected to analogue or frequency sensors.


Power voltage, V: 10-50

Reverse polarity protection: Yes

Temperature range, °C: -40  – +85

Output interfaces: RS-232, RS-485, K-line

Service interface: ISO 9141 (K-Line)

Protection class: IP 54