Onboard displays

Eurosens Display CAN

Eurosens Display CAN displays information from Eurosens CAN sensors or other sensors that comply with the CAN SAE J1939 standard, as well as from the internal network of Eurosens sensors connected using K-Line interface. Eurosens Display CAN can also forward the values received from sensors or calculated values (sums, differences) to an external interface (RS485 MODBUS, CAN).

Eurosens Display CAN features

  • We can connect up to 10 Eurosens fuel level /fuel flow sensors using K-Line connection.
  • We can connect one analog, pulse or frequency sensor.
  • Calibration tables support.
  • External RS485 MODBUS or CAN SAE J1939 interface.
  •  CAN bus data reading.
  • Free configuration software.

You can choose one of 10 possible operation modes :

  • Operation with analog fuel level sensor. You can connect  any sensor with analog (voltage) output and add a calibration table in Eurosens Display CAN and get fuel volume in liters.
  • Operation with an axle load sensors . Display contains calibration table for axle load sensor and calculates axle load in tons.
  • Reading of the full set of parameters from one Eurosens fuel meter.
  • Display can be connected to the fuel level sensor with frequency output. You can add a calibration table in Eurosens Display CAN and get fuel volume in liters.
  • You can connect any pulse flow meter suitable for signal levels. Display will calculate total and instant fuel consumption according to calibration, as well as total operation time. Fuel consumption and operation time in different operation modes are calculated too. Information collected in modes 1-7 could be transmitted to the external CAN-bus interface.
  • Reading and displaying the information according to SAE J1939 CAN bus protocol. You can read data from Eurosens CAN sensors or vehicle CAN bus according to J1939 protocol.
  • Reading fuel volume and temperature values from 10 Eurosens Dominator fuel level sensors or total and instantaneous fuel consumption from 10 Eurosens Direct/Delta fuel consumption meters via K-line interface. In the network there are can be both fuel level sensors and fuel meters. Total quantity – up to 10 units. 
  • Calculates the difference between supply and return flowmeters for differential measurement.
  • Works as a part Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system to transfer the information about axle loads and cargo weight using CAN interface to the GPS tracking system.


Power voltage, V: 10-50

Reverse polarity protection: Yes

Temperature range, °C: -40 — +85

Output interfaces: CAN, RS485, K-line

Service interface: ISO 9141 (K-Line)

Protection class: IP 54