Other telematic sensors

Eurosens Degree RS/CAN

Digital tilt angle sensor Eurosens Degree RS/CAN determines the angular position of heavy machinery parts and mechanisms relative to the gravity vector.

The sensor transmits the data via RS485 or 29bit CAN interface.

Tilt angle sensor Eurosens Degree RS/CAN can monitor the position of agriculture implements, harvesters, hatch openings in fuel tankers,  manupulator state of waste collection trucks etc.

Eurosens Degree RS/CAN features:

  • Broad compatibility with GPS tracking devices.
  • Motion detection and position change registration.
  • Explosion-proof certificate.


Power supply voltage Degree RS, V: 9-32

Power supply voltage Degree CAN, V: 10-50

Temperature range, °C: -40 — +85

Measurement error, degrees : ±1

Configuration interface: RS 485, CAN

Output data interface: RS 485, CAN

Measuring range: 0…180 by 3 angles

IP protection class: IP 67

Max. current consumption, mA (at 12V): 50

Service adapter for customization: Eurosens Destination 02, Eurosens Destination CAN 


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