Dashdrive Android APP

You can use Android-smartphone or tablet as a universal dashboard for the driver. Dashdrive app displays in the form of interactive gauges any telematics data – fuel volume in tanks, axial load sensors, any parameters from the CAN bus and so on.

The Dashdrive application performs the following functions:

  • It reads current data from the GPS tracker over Bluetooth link (a full list of data available according to the protocols Teltonika (AVL ID List) and Navtelecom (Flex 3.0).
  • Calculates each parameter according to a given formula if necessary.
  • Saves calculated parameters in the local database.
  • You can assign a different indicator type to each parameter and place it on the screen wherever you want.
  • You can customize the scale, colors, labels and other parameters of each indicator.
  • The accumulated data can be sent to the GPS tracking server if there is an Internet connection available (cellular or Wi-Fi).
  • Alarm audio notifications when value of one or several parameters exceeds its thresholds.

You can install Dashdrive app on car video recorders with Android operating system, in which a separate part of the screen is allocated under the image from the video camera. In this case, the Dashdrive application occupies a central area and does not interfere with the  DVR. Thus, the car DVR receives additional functionality as telematics display – without the cost of additional equipment on your side.

The Dashdrive app is sold as a license key that is generated on each new Android device.

Download the License Control Application (DIS-DM).

Download the Dashdrive app.
Dashdrive user manual.