Fuel storage and fuel dispensing monitoring

The fuel monitoring of storage and dispensing is no less important than the fuel consumption monitoring, and is usually part of the chain of traceability of fuel – from purchase to its intended use.

The first step is to equip fuel storage tanks with fuel level sensors Eurosens Dominator The wireless version of the Eurosens Dominator BT is commonly used, as it does not require labor-intensive cabling around the storage area.

Fuel delivery is controlled by diesel (or gasoline) flow meters and an installed display showing the volume of the current portion of fuel. Users can reset the meter reading to zero for ease of filling, but the value of the total volume dispensed since installation continues to be transmitted to the server platform.

Description of the system

Fuel dispensing monitoring – by means of fuel dispensing flow meter (flow rate up to 60 and up to 150 liters per minute).

Measuring the volume of fuel in the tank – with Eurosens Dominator BT wireless fuel level sensors.

Dispensed fuel volume – on the Eurosens Display RS.

Generic GSM devicess supporting RS485 (MODBUS RTU) and Bluetooth Low Energy wireless sensors can be used to transmit the collected information to the tracking platform server. For example – Teltonika FMB125 and similar.

System can be expanded by identification of fuel recipients using contactless RFID card readers or keys, prohibition for unauthorized users or those who have exceeded the fuel limit.

Typical fleet GPS tracking software can be used as a platform for remote monitoring of fuel distribution.

Products used in the solution

Eurosens Dominator BT

Wireless fuel level sensor, EX-proof, transmission distance up to 200 meters.

Eurosens Dispaly RS

Eurosens Display has developed a special operating mode for this application.

Special flow meters – used in fuel dispensers, connected to Eurosens Display