Axle load measurement

Eurosens DDS

Axle load sensor for vehicles with leaf spring suspension.

The Eurosens DDS sensor is mounted on the vehicle chassis. The vertical link from the mounting kit is attached to the axle. Suspension deflection under load is converted into vertical displacement of rod and rotation of DDS sensor shaft arm. The output of the sensor generates an output signal that corresponds to the angular position of the swivel arm, which varies depending on the vehicle’s axle load. To convert the output signal into axle load values in kilograms, it is necessary to carry out a calibration using a vehicle scales.


The accuracy of axle load measurement with Eurosens DDS sensor depends on suspension design and typically not exceeds  10%  from maximum value. 


  • Built-in microprocessor  (RS-485/CAN versions).
  • 1 sensor can support up to 3 calibration tables simultaneously.
  • Built-in calibration tables.
  • Axle load calibration onboard in kilos.
  • Smart data processing.


Power voltage, V: 8-32

Max current consumption, mА, : 50 (for 12V)

Temperature range, С: -40…+85

Output interface: Voltage(DDS A), CAN(DDS CAN), RS485(DDS 485)

Data protocol: SAE J1939, LLS

IP protection class: IP 67


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