Axle load measurement

Eurosens DPS

Axle load sensor for vehicles with an air spring suspension.Eurosens DPS sensor converts air pressure in the air suspension line to the output voltage or digital messages via RS485 or CAN bus J1939 protocol. 

Features of Eurosens DPS

Eurosens DPS axle load sensor provides stable data with 2% error. The following technical features make DPS sensor easy and convenient to use:

  • Built-in microprocessor and digital interfaces RS-485/CAN.
  • 1 sensor can support up to 3 calibration tables simultaneously.
  • Built-in calibration tables.
  • Axle load calculation onboard in kilos.
  • Software filtering and smart data processing.
  • Fast and simple installation.


Power voltage, V: 8-32

Max current consumption, mА, : 50 (for 12V)

Temperature range, С: -40…+85

Output interface: Voltage(DPS A), CAN(DPS CAN), RS485(DPS 485)

Data protocol: SAE J1939, LLS

IP protection class: IP 67


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