Axle load measurement

Eurosens DSS

High-precision digital axle load sensor for any vehicle type.

Eurosens DSS uses strain gauge as a transducer that significantly lowers the measurement error. It is only 2% of the maximum axle load. Built-in microprocessor and interfaces RS-485/CAN.

How it works?

Axle load and cargo weight control for the leaf spring suspension are one of the most challenging tasks in fleet management.

Mechatronics innovative solution is Eurosens DSS axle load sensor.

  • The technology basis of Eurosens DSS sensor is a strain gauge.
  • Eurosens DSS sensor calculates axle load based on  axle micro-deformations.
  • A built-in microprocessor determines the axle load in kilos according to the calibration table.
  • Eurosens DSS mounting set has no moving parts.
  • Built-in thermal correction function.
  • 1 sensor supports up to 3 calibration tables.


Power voltage, V: 10-50

Max current consumption, mА, : 50 (for 12V)

Temperature range, С: -40…+85

Output interface: CAN(DSS CAN), RS485(DSS 485)

Data protocol: SAE J1939, LLS

IP protection class: IP 67


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