Remote temperature and pressure monitoring in each wheel

Automated temperature and pressure monitoring of tyres is an important tool to improve safety and reduce fuel consumption. Higher or lower tyre pressures lead to higher fuel consumption, reduced tyre life.

Our company offers certified tyre pressure monitoring systems integrated with GPS/GLONASS transport monitoring system. In addition to the economic effect of pressure control systems, traffic accidents are also reduced by promptly notifying the driver of possible wheel explosion or slow puncture.

To monitor the tyre pressure, external or internal sensors are used to transmit the temperature and pressure of the tyre to the driver monitor. The driver’s monitor is selected from the number of wheels of the vehicle – a maximum of 6, 22 or 38 wheels are supported. The sensors are powered by a built-in power supply battery, which has a lifespan of 2 years for external sensors and 5 years for internal ones. It is not difficult to replace the battery in external sensors on the development of its service life. The driver monitor also transmits information to the vehicle monitoring system, so that the monitoring system manager can immediately receive notification of an emergency situation in one of the wheels.

The tyre pressure control system is easily integrated with any other solutions from JSC "Mmehatronika"

  • Reading of vehicle operating parameters from CAN side bus (using contactless Eurosens InCAN readers)
    Control of fuel consumption in the tank, refueling and drainage – with the help of the Eurosens Dominator (certified measuring instrument).
  • Eurosens Difference on-board weighing system.
  • Control of special machinery.

Products used in the solution

Eurosens InCAN

Used for contactless connection to the car bus without breaking the insulation

Eurosens Dispaly RS

In the cab, a display can be installed to display the measured parameters, including the on-board weighing system and axial load monitoring.

Eurosens Dominator

The fuel level sensors are designed to minimize the operating costs of the fuel consumption monitoring system throughout its lifetime.