Time monitoring of special machinery

The actual operating time of special machinery is important for the accounting of transaction labour intensity, write-off of GPS, payroll. It is possible to try to take into account the operating time on the ignition or oil pressure sensor. But it is better to record directly the movement of the working body (manipulator, crane, arrows) and by the time of movement to determine the actual operation of special equipment.
The Eurosens Degree BT wireless angle sensor is used to monitor the operation of special machinery manipulators. It is immovably attached to the manipulator without the use of cables, records movements according to the sensor settings and transmits via the Bluetooth radio channel to the monitoring terminal the time counter and the current state of the manipulator «Works» – «Does not work». The sensor is hermetic, powered by built-in battery for several years. It is possible to adjust the allowed duration of pauses between movements of the manipulator, at which the manipulator will continue to be fixed in the state «Work»

Products used in the solution

Eurosens InCAN

Used for contactless connection to the car bus without breaking the insulation

Eurosens Delta

Control the actual fuel consumption of the engine.

Eurosens Dominator

The fuel level sensors are designed to minimize the operating costs of the fuel consumption monitoring system throughout its lifetime.