Monitoring of petroleum products delivery

Our solution monitors the route of fuel tankers with control of opening hatches and dispensing of fuel. To prevent fuel theft, fuel level sensors can be installed in each of the fuel cell compartments. Hatch position sensor and fuel distribution box sensors prevent unauthorised access to the fuel.

Our fuel level sensors Eurosens Dominator can be used in wired version (Eurosens Dominator RS 485) or wireless (Eurosens Dominator BT). Same with hatch position sensor – we can use either wired Eurosens Degree RS tilt angle sensor or wireless Eurosens Degree BT version. Wired sensors are connected through intrinsic safety barrier Eurosens Defender 24.



It is also recommended to integrate  the dispensing fuel  meter  into the system. It usually needs to be equipped with a special adapter, which adds an electronic output to the mechanical fuel meter for connection to the tanker monitoring system.

Eurosens Degree RS/CAN

Fuel hatch position sensor

Eurosens Dominator

Accurate fuel level sensor

Eurosens Defender

Intrinsic Safety Barrier