Monitoring of petroleum products delivery

Our solution monitors the route of fuel tankers with control of opening hatches and dispensing of fuel. To prevent fuel theft, fuel level sensors can be installed in each of the fuel cell compartments.

This is required to control the volume of fuel shipped to the oil base, as well as to control the volume of fuel during propulsion and to fix the complete discharge of fuel to the customer’s storage facility. The fuel level sensors are connected to the monitoring terminal. In this case, the error in determining the volume of fuel in the compartment is 1% of the volume of the compartment.


What is the petroleum delivery monitoring system?

In order to control the opening of the tank-vehicle hatches, the Eurosens Degree (or wireless Eurosens Degree Bt) angle sensors can be installed on them, which record the change of the hatch cover angle.

Further development of the system is accounting for the distribution of fuel across the recipients. To do this, an electronic tag reader, dosage display, shut-off valves, control devices are added to the system. In fact, the tanker turns into a mobile petrol station, and the monitoring of tankers provides reports on the fuel supplied across the drivers. It is possible to remotely set limits for each of the recipients (drivers).

It is also recommended that the fuel cell flow meter through which fuel is dispensed be integrated into the system. It usually needs to be equipped with a special adapter, which adds an electronic output to the mechanical fuel meter for connection to the tanker monitoring system.

Eurosens Degree RS/CAN

Determines the position of the object in space relative to the 3 coordinate axes.

Eurosens Dominator

Designed to measure fuel levels at the lowest cost.


Provides detailed information on the movement of the tanker.