Monitoring of drum speed and direction of rotation

Delivery of concrete mixtures requires compliance with delivery technology (mixing of concrete and delivery time limit to customer).

Also possible theft of the solution along the way. Our solution allows continuous control of the direction of movement of the concrete mixer, the speed and direction of rotation of the mixer drum, the place of discharge of the mixture. Can be supplemented by axial load monitoring, actual fuel consumption measurement and other options.

The Eurosens Degree BT wireless angle sensor is used to monitor the operation of the mixers. It is fixed to the outside surface of the concrete mixer drum, determines the speed and direction of rotation of the drum and transmits via the Bluetooth radio channel to the monitoring terminal. The sensor is hermetic, powered by built-in battery for several years.

Products used in the solution

Eurosens InCAN

Used for contactless connection to the car bus without breaking the insulation

Eurosens Dispaly RS

In the cab, a display can be installed to display the measured parameters, including the on-board weighing system and axial load monitoring.

Eurosens Dominator

The fuel level sensors are designed to minimize the operating costs of the fuel consumption monitoring system throughout its lifetime.