Fuel Consumption Control at Fields

The consumption of diesel fuel is one of the most important expenses when drilling wells in oil and gas fields. In order to ensure round-the-clock control of the efficiency of its use, our company offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring the control of diesel fuel by all consumers located in the field. It also monitors a number of related process parameters.

Composition of the system equipment at the drilling site:

Power metering facilities. Diesel fuel accounting units on each DES and CA. Level sensors in tanks. Engine rev sensors, sir. Data transmission equipment. Also equipped with other diesel fuel consumers: compressors, thermal destruction units, burners, boilers. The information gathering point is a control tower, organized in the field, on the basis of a personal computer. The software of the Eurosens Monitor or the local SCADA server is installed there. Data is transmitted to the control tower from the sensors installed via a radio channel with a range of up to 8 km. The dispatcher not only collects and displays charts and reports, but also transmits information to the enterprise’s central server. Data transmission can take place either continuously or in sessions as the control tower becomes available to the central server for satellite data transmission. On the central server is installed WEB-server monitoring objects with access to graphical and reporting information from the browser after user authorization. Support is given to user roles and to differentiating users from different roles to different objects and sites. The system diagram is shown below.
Either Eurosens Direct single-chamber flow meters or Eurosens Delta differential meters are used as a fuel consumption sensor. Their choice depends on the installation object. We use the Eurosens Dominator fuel level sensors to measure the volume of fuel in the tanks. Both types of sensors are certified as measuring instruments in the Russian Federation.

Products used in the solution

Eurosens Delta

High Precision Differential Fuel Consumption Sensor to measure fuel consumption with modern diesel engines.

Eurosens Dominator

The fuel level sensors are designed to minimize the operating costs of the fuel consumption monitoring system throughout its lifetime.